Neck Pain, Vertigo, Dizziness and Headache

Neck pain affects most of us at sometime. We are experts at assessing the causes & most effective treatments for your neck pain. We scientifically & accurately assess joint, muscle, posture and nerve factors. Scientifically researched treatments available include manipulation, gentle mobilisation, stretches & tailored exercises. Necks often cause Dizziness. Vertigo is a spinning sensation and is treated with the Epley technique. Corrimal Physiotherapy can tell you whether physio will help.

Back Pain, Pelvic Pain, Slipped Disc, Prolapse and Sciatica

Detailed examination at Corrimal Physiotherapy will find the cause of your back pain. Mobilisation eases joint restriction, massage and stretches safely remove stiffness and pain. Exercises are given to strengthen the core muscles to prevent recurrence. Diagnosing whether your pain comes from the back, hip or sacroiliac joints is what we have been successfully doing at Corrimal Physiotherapy for over 30 years with a unique blend of post-graduate qualifications & care.

Carpal Tunnel, Shoulder Pain, Jaw Pain, Bursitis and Incontinence

These require experienced experts with post-graduate qualifications to effectively diagnose & treat. The physios at Corrimal Physiotherapy have a unique blend of experience, training , Masters and post-graduate diplomas in diagnosis, manual therapy, exercise and Women’s Health, Men’s Health and Urinary & Bowel Incontinence. It’s so much more than just squeezing your pelvic floor. Call us today to discuss your problem with one of our physios who will tell you how we can help.