Just ring or call in, we can usually fit you in on the same day or may be the next.

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm.  We are open Saturdays by appointment only.

No, since 1976, physiotherapists are primary contact practitioners, qualified to assess, diagnose and treat a wide range of conditions.  Should you need to see a doctor, we will refer you to the doctor of your choice with an explanatory letter about your condition.  You will still need a doctor’s referral if your fees are covered under Medicare, worker’s compensation or motor vehicle accident insurance.

Usually first appointments last about 45 minutes and other appointments are about 30 minutes.

Comfortable loose fitting garments are helpful.  One piece dresses are to be avoided, especially for male patients.  Gowns and drapes are provided to protect your modesty should any disrobing be required to access the treatment zone.

Bring any material that relates to the current treatment area.  The most recent x-rays are the most useful.


Your first appointment is when we take a history of your problem and ask for information about how the problem behaves.  A physical examination is followed by hands on therapy to achieve the goals of treatment we have discussed with you.  Often a massage will be given to relax the soft tissues, there is no extra charge for this.  At the conclusion of the session we will advise you of things to do, such as exercises and things to avoid as these could aggravate your conditions.

The number of treatments depends on factors such as how severe your pain is, how long you have had it, your active participation in the programme such as exercising, and other general health issues.  Occasionally some problems can be solved in one visit, but usually a course of 4 to 6 visits is required to get you better and teach you strategies to stay that way.  If you are not substantially improved in 2 or 3 visits you will be referred to a doctor for further investigation.

Payment is required at the time of treatment unless liability for payment has been accepted by an employer, insurer or Medicare.

We accept cash, cheque, mastercard and visa and debit cards.  We don’t do cash out.

Yes, if you have ancillary (“extras”) cover.  Bring your health fund card with you and we will process your claim through our Hicaps terminal.  The gap between the rebate and our fees can be settled by EFT, cheque or cash.  The gap averages $20 to $30, depending on your health fund membership and how much you have used it.